PraSam is Post Script contemporary avatar of Indian craft.PRASAM means ‘Love’. The artisan and craftsmanship is the heart & soul of the brand. We are committed to empathetically rejuvenate the heritage textile art and crafts through artisan-designer collaboration and design-quality interventions


What we stand for?

Our brand stands for “Normalcy”. The crafts of India has its own proven way of life and we strongly admire and believe in the positive impact of traditional art and craft for our society at large. We are focused to reinstate that sustainable way of life by translating the heritage art into meaningful product proposition which are relevant and compelling for enduring consumers.


Our Capability

PRASAM endeavors to become an excellence Centre of crafts of India through its capability building and brand associations. A network of 100+ Clusters, 10000 artisans spread across 12 states of India A strong base of handloom products and crafts from all parts of India.An experienced team to build design and production capability of clusters.


Association and collaboration

This brand is not about “PRASAM” in isolation; it is “PRASAM FOR ARTISANS”. We cherish competition as well as partnership in the effort towards rejuvenation of heritage craft and artisan community.
Being a handmade product with minimum carbon footprints, these heritage products with proven sustainable methodology from ancient times’ stands not only for ecological sustainability but also economic and social sustainability. We are happy to join hands to develop a sustainable fashion ecosystem based on our heritage. Please contact us on to join hands in this mission.